The College of Chemistry — changing our world for the better

The College of Chemistry catapulted UC Berkeley to scientific preeminence in the early twentieth century, and it remains a transformative force to this day.  The College’s outstanding students, faculty, graduates, and network of global partners are committed to working together on the development of advanced materials, innovative healthcare, renewable energy, and the protection and propagation of the world’s supply of food, water, and clean air.

In order to address the pressing issues of today, and to carry its successes into the future, the College must expand and modernize its teaching and research facilities. Current expansion plans center on the construction of a major new research and teaching facility, Heathcock Hall, which will provide an ideal environment to foster learning and deep discovery. Heathcock Hall will contain four stories of modern laboratory space to accommodate research in synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, and chemical and biomolecular engineering.

As a result of a cornerstone gift of philanthropy from alumnus and Foundation Trustee Terry Rosen (PhD, Chemistry ‘85) and his wife, Tori, Heathcock Hall will be named in honor of renowned organic chemist, former Dean of the College of Chemistry, and Terry’s research director, Clayton H. Heathcock.