Gratitude to our Departing Trustees, May 2020

Our deep gratitude to the Berkeley Foundation Trustees below, whose tremendous generosity of time, expertise, ambassadorship, and philanthropic leadership have propelled UC Berkeley forward and made a lasting impact on Berkeley’s students, staff, and faculty for generations to come.



Michael Garland is completing twelve years of service with the Foundation.

Michael received his undergraduate degree in physics at Berkeley before a successful career as CEO of the Pattern Energy Group LP, an independent, fully integrated energy company that develops, constructs, owns, and operates renewable and transmission energy assets across North America and Japan. He was previously head of the North American Infrastructure Group of Babcock & Brown, and worked for the state of California, where he initiated a number of public/private partnership programs and sat on several task forces related to energy and water policy. Mr. Garland currently sits on several boards, including those of Pattern Energy Holdings LP and Steel River Infrastructure Fund of North America. 

He and his wife, Virginia (“Gigi”), are Builders of Berkeley. Sharing a passion for science, Michael and Gigi are intrigued by breakthrough discoveries in cosmology at Berkeley exploring the formation and ultimate fate of the universe.  Michael and Gigi endowed a UC Berkeley chair in physics advancing this world-class research. The gift reflects their enthusiasm for the work by Berkeley scientists, as well as their desire to encourage the physics faculty to continue supporting students the way they supported Michael’s education. 



Andy Goldfarb is completing twelve years as a Trustee, including playing an invaluable role on the Foundation’s Programs Committee. 

Andy is president of The Pergo Foundation, and previously he was president, CEO, and co-owner of HCC Industries, a precision electronic component design and manufacturing company.

Andy’s connection to Berkeley stems back to his time as an undergraduate where he earned his BA in History and both his Single and Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials.  He and his wife Denise, also a Berkeley alum, are Builders of Berkeley.

Andy and Denise have generously championed undergraduate research through the Pergo Foundation Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program in the College of Letters and Science. 

Of his time spent mentoring recipients of the Fellowship, he shares, “There’s nothing like it – to be able to sit with recipients, the jewels of Berkeley, and see how they come alive, how they grow, where they’re going. If you listen to these students and what they’re doing and the things they’re researching, you’re talking about changes in the world, and that’s really what Berkeley’s legacy should be and has been for so long.”

Andy’s deep commitment to and hands-on approach with the Pergo Foundation Fellows will have a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of future students.



Jeffrey Jacobs is concluding his service to the Board after twelve years.  

Jeff received his undergraduate degree in economics at Berkeley, before serving as executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Qualcomm until his retirement in January 2009. He now owns and manages Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

A former member of the Athletics Director’s Advisory Board, the Thanks To Berkeley Southern California Campaign Celebration Honorary Committee, the San Diego Committee, and the Haas Board, Jeff created an endowed chair in business and technology and has been a supporter of student athletes. 



Freada Kapor Klein is concluding twelve years as a Trustee. She is an entrepreneur, activist and pioneer in the field of organizational culture and diversity.

In 1976, Freada co-founded the Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, the first organization to focus on sexual harassment in the United States. She is the founder of  SMASH, now in its 16th year, which provides rigorous STEM education and access to social capital for low income high school students of color on eight university campuses across the United States, with its first campus being UC Berkeley. As a Founding Partner at Kapor Capital, Freada invests in seed stage tech startups that close gaps of access, opportunity or outcome for low income communities and communities of color.  

She serves as an advisory board member of Generation Investment Management and on the board of She is the author of Giving Notice, which details the human and financial cost of hidden bias in the workplace. She also serves as a board member of the edtech company Genius Plaza, and in 2019 joined 10 other foundations to establish the nation’s first philanthropic fund to support women of color who are leading the fight against sexual harassment and violence.

Freada earned her B.A. in Criminology from Berkeley and her Ph.D. in Social Policy & Research from Brandeis University. Freada’s volunteer and philanthropic efforts have made a tremendous impact on UC Berkeley, championing numerous initiatives focused on increasing equity for underrepresented students of color in STEM fields. While serving on Berkeley’s College of Letters and Science board in 2000, she founded the IDEAL Scholars Fund with three other board members and alumni. Designed as a response to California Proposition 209, the scholarship invests in high-caliber, underrepresented students and provides access to staff in mentor roles.

Freada and her husband Mitch are Builders of Berkeley. She is an active member of Berkeley’s Board of Visitors and a Friend of the Jewish Law and Israel Studies Institute. Freada is the recipient of Berkeley’s Alumna of the Year Award for 2020, in honor of her  exemplifying “the very best of Berkeley, whose professional leadership and contributions have led to extraordinary advances that benefit the greater good of society, who gives back to the community and university, and who inspires others in their careers and personal lives.”



Ed Penhoet is concluding four terms of dedicated service with the Foundation, including serving on the joint Foundation and Board of Visitors Research Committee.

Ed is Associate Dean of Strategic Planning, at Berkeley’s Division of Biological Sciences. He co-founded Chiron Corp in 1981, a biotech company known for developing the hepatitis B vaccine and discovering hepatitis C. He returned to Cal in 1998 to serve as the eighth dean of the School of Public Health. Ed subsequently joined the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as chief program officer and then as president. He is a member of the National Academy of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and UC President’s Board on Science and Innovation.

A professor emeritus of biochemistry and public health at UC Berkeley, Ed’s leadership is deeply appreciated across the campus.  He has dedicated his time through service on the Health Sciences Initiative Volunteer Committee, the Public Health Campaign Steering Committee, the QB3 Industrial Advisory Board, the Engineering Advisory Board, and the Haas Lester Center External Advisory Board.  

Ed helped lead campus efforts to launch the Health Sciences Initiative at Berkeley that led to the construction of Stanley Hall and the Li Ka Shing Center for Health and Biomedical Science.  

Ed’s connections are wide and deep. Aside from the extraordinary years of service, there is the way this community feels about Ed. And that is warmly, and as widely and deeply as his connections. His good counsel is measured, incisive, and astute and it is no wonder that he has the respect of and has endeared himself to many through mentorship and quiet, extraordinary acts of generosity that people don’t even know about. From advising at the upper echelons of the Obama administration through the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to our deans and administrators across campus, Ed has been a friend and wise counselor.

He and his wife, Camille, are Builders of Berkeley. 



Diana Strandberg is concluding her fourth term as a Trustee.  Her outstanding service includes being an integral member of the Foundation’s Finance & Administration Committee for many years and then this past year, stepping in to Chair the Trusts & Annuities Subcommittee.

Diana is a partner and member of the board at Dodge & Cox, an investment management firm in San Francisco with $308 billion in assets under management.  She leads the investment team that manages the Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund, launched in 2001.  In addition, Diana serves on the Executive Committee of the 20-20 Investment Association, the Board of the Smithsonian, and the National Board of Summer Search, a youth mentoring organization.

Diana fell in love with Berkeley long before she became a student. The youngest of four children, Diana was exposed to what she called “Berkeley’s incredible environment of inquiry and debate” through campus visits to her older brother and sister.

After graduating with a B.A. in Economics, Diana attended Harvard Business School, where she met Steve, a fellow student who was born and raised in Alaska. During one of their early dates, Diana told him, “If we get married, you are going to have to root for Cal.” To her delight, he agreed. “I am thrilled,” Steve says, “to be Cal by marriage.” When the couple married and relocated to the Bay Area from the East Coast, they began attending football games and increasing their philanthropic engagements.

Embedded in the Strandberg’s charitable giving is the notion of giving back. “We are lucky to be in a position where we can help others accomplish their dreams,” says Diana, “especially since so many people have helped us along the way.” In 2001, the Strandbergs began funding graduate fellowships in Economics, and in 2016 they established The Economics Forward Fund, an innovative fund that allows the department chair to address areas of critical need or opportunity.  The Strandberg’s gift supported research across campus on effective approaches and solutions to issues of gender equity.  In addition to supporting faculty and student research, the fund supported the first Diversity Summit in Economics, several student groups, and the launch of our Women in Leadership program.  In 2019, their steadfast support qualified them to become Builders of Berkeley. “We feel very appreciative that we can enable bright minds to do the important work they want to do,” says Diana.

The Strandberg family will continue to play an important role at UC Berkeley by supporting strategic initiatives across campus and sharing their experience and vision with campus leaders and faculty.